‘DINO CRUNCH’ Peanut Crackers

‘Dino Crunch’ is a delicious and crunchy coated peanut snack.  The peanuts used to make ‘Dino Crunch’ comply with the EU standard for aflatoxin content.  The peanut crackers are high in protein and fortified with natural vitamins from added natural ingredients.  ‘Dino Crunch’ is roasted not fried, therefore, making it a healthier peanut snack.

DINO CRUNCH is a healthy snack made from real peanuts and natural ingredients such as wheat flour, soy sauce, seaweed, and sesame seeds.
DINO CRUNCH is peanuts coated with wheat flour that are roasted until they are crispy and delicious.
DINO CRUNCH is a peanut snack that gives high protein and vitamins B-1, B-3, E, etc.
DINO CRUNCH is fortified with natural vitamins from added natural ingredients.
DINO CRUNCH is chloresterol free.
DINO CRUNCH has no added oil and preservative.
DINO CRUNCH is part of healthy eating.

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