For over 30 years of manufacturing experience since its establishment in 1971, Sun Yang Food Co., Ltd. is a leading food company that offers a wide variety of delicious snacks and canned fruits and vegetables.  Our "Ladybird" brand prepared cuttlefish, which was introduced to the Thai market in 1973, has been trusted by Thai people as their preferred brand for this type of snack.  After 30 years in the market, the name "Ladybird" is today a common name associated with shredded cuttlefish.  Besides the Thai market, our cuttlefish snack is well accepted all over the world, especially in Hong Kong and Malaysia.  
  In 1973 Sun Yang Food set up a pioneering joint venture company with two Japanese companies for producing Japanese traditional rice crackers called “Arare.”  Being a pioneer in the industry, we were able to make premium quality rice crackers from Thai rice which have gained acceptance by Japanese consumers.  Today our rice crackers are accepted by consumers worldwide because it is a healthy snack that is cholesterol and oil free.  
  As Thailand is abundant in its delicious and famous tropical fruits, in 1987 Sun Yang Food started producing canned fruits under the brand name “Deli.”  Consumers can choose to enjoy a wide variety of seasonal fruits any time of the year from our selection of canned fruits including pineapple, rambutan, lychee, and longan for example.  Our production team has placed a strong emphasis in the quality of raw materials as well as product hygiene.  As a result, our "Deli" brand has become one of the finest brands for canned fruits and vegetables in the world market.  
  In accordance with the Thai government's policy to promote people to drink healthy beverages, Sun Yang Food introduced in 1992 ‘Deli’ brand canned fruit juice drinks.  Because quality is of top priority to us, we produce fruit juices from fresh selected fruits and from the best quality imported fruit juice concentrates.  For health conscious consumers, our "Deli" fruit juices are an excellent alternative to soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

In addition to cuttlefish and rice snacks, we added production lines for making coated peanuts in 1986 and fish snacks in 1987.  From raw peanuts that meet the aflatoxin standard set by the European Union and the finest ingredients, we produce coated peanut snacks that are healthy, delicious, and cholesterol free.  For fish snacks we produce a wide range of products under the brand names “Ten Ten”, “Ten Jang”, and “Ten Jang Monster.”  Our fish snacks made from sea fish are also healthy snacks that are low in fat and high in protein.  It comes in a variety of flavors and forms that suit the tastes of children, teenagers, and adults.
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